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Courses associated with the ASU Herbarium

Flora of Arizona students - Rio Salado field trip 2016



PLB 300 Plant Diversity and Evolution

PLB 302 Plants and Civilization

PLB 306 Plant Anatomy

PLB 313 The Flora of Arizona

PLB 498 Sonoran Desert Field Botany (Makings)

PLB 498 Taxonomic Revisions (Landrum)

PLB 498 Grasses of Arizona (Makings)  Special topics seminar Bio 498/591

course description:  The grasses are one of the largest families of flowering plants and by far the most important to humans and include rice, wheat, rye, corn, sugar cane, bamboo, and barley, just to name a few.  Some of the topics we will cover: systematics, evolution, ecology, grassland geography, morphological characters, and of course we will learn a lot of Arizona taxa with the use of dichotomous keys.  As is typical of a seminar format, students will also be expected to do an independent and/or team project.

PLB 499 Individualized Instruction

PLB 591 Plant Biology Seminar

Contact Liz Makings for more information elizabeth.makings@asu.edu