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E-mail: nico.franz@asu.edu

Support BioKIC

Philanthropic support of the Biodiversity Knowledge Integration Center, either generally or for specific programs and activities, can be transmitted in various forms. An overview of the possible kinds of support is provided by the ASU Foundation. 

Most commonly we received in-kind donations in the form of private collection items. We are extremely grateful for such items and have an efficient acceptance and integration process in place. In recent years we have also enjoyed support for our education and outreach programs via the Virginia M. Ullman Foundation. Occasionally we organize campaigns to raise awareness and support for specific projects or events.

If you are considering to support BioKIC in any form, please feel free contact Nico Franz for coordination. We also have a direct, specific, and secure option to receive on-line donations, via our BioKIC donations webpage with the ASU Foundation: http://www.asufoundation.org/biokic/.