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Lab groups associated with BioKIC

The lab groups below are associated with BioKIC. Click on the headers to navigate to their primary websites.

Lead: Hinsby CadilloQuiroz - Ecology of carbon rich ecosystems, interactions of microbes as potential ecosystem drivers, and genomics and evolution of microbes and their key innovations.

Lead: Reed Cartwright - Interface of genetics, statistics, and software development. Development of statistical models to estimate evolutionary process from genomic datasets; primary focus on mutations. Lab website

Lead: Nico Franz - Systematics and biodiversity of New World insects, development of novel logic-based concepts and tools for biodiversity informatics, and novel forms of outreach related to these themes. Lab website

Lead: Gillian Gile - Protist diversity, evolution, and symbiosis; including termite hindgut protists, plastid evolution, and the Azolla-Nostoc symbiosis.  Lab website

Lead: Kathleen Pigg - Evolution, biogeography, and diversification of angiosperms and other plants through comparative analysis of exceptionally preserved Tertiary plant fossils and their modern relatives. Lab website

Lead: Michael Rosenberg - Use of computational and statistical techniques to address questions about the evolution of life; spanning from molecular evolution to macroevolution and from single organisms to ecosystems. Lab website

Lead: Melissa Wilson - Sex chromosome evolution, sex-biased processes, population genetics, and comparative genomics. Public science engagement and outreach. Lab website

Lead: Martin Wojciechowski - Phylogenetics, genomics, and evolution of plants, particularly papilionoid legumes and cacti, and plant community ecology and floristics of western North America. Lab website