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ASU Herbarium faculty, recent and current graduate students


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Recent and current graduate students:

  • Alison Willis - MS candidate, Systematics of Echinomastus erectocentrus var. acunensis.
  • JP Solves - MS candidate, FLora of Las Cienegas National Conservation Area
  • Cole Larson-Whittaker - MS candidate, Flora of the Verde River
  • Albatool Albediwi - Digitization of herbaria in Saudi Arabia (MS 2017).
  • Lane Butler – Ecological effects of stream flow permanence on butterfly and plant communities of Sonoran Desert streams (MS May 2015).
  • Kara Baron – Flora of the Cave Creek Regional Park and studies of reestablishment of Arizona Upland Plant communities after fire disturbance (MS 2018).
  • Jacqueline Betsch – Plant community composition along the historic Verde River irrigation System (MS December 2010).
  • Frankie Coburn – Flora of the Upper Verde River, Yavapai County, Arizona (MS Dec 2015)
  • Soon Flynn – A monograph of the maples (Aceraceae) of eastern Washington Eocene fossil beds (PhD candidate).
  • Darin Jenke – The Phoenix Four Rivers flora, Maricopa County, Arizona (MS May 2011)
  • Bethany Lund –The vascular flora of the Hummingbird Springs Wilderness, Maricopa County, Arizona. (MS November 2008). 
  • Robert Madera – Screwbean mesquite (Prosopis pubescens) die-off: Population status at restored and unrestored sites in the Lower Colorado River watershed (MS May 2016).
  • Doug Newton – Vascular flora of the Eagletail Mountain region, La Paz-Yuma Counties, Arizona (MS Dec 2010)
  • Danika Setaro – Temperature Effects on Germination in Southwest Riparian Zones Across an Aridity Gradient (MS Dec 2016).
  • Dustin Wolkis - Plant ecology of arid-land wetlands; a watershed moment for ciénega conservation (MS May 2016).
  • Tyna Yost - Amsonia kearneyana (Apocynaceae) Kearney’s Blue Star: new insights to inform recovery.  (MS December 2015).