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BioKIC Staff

Kathleen Pigg

Curator - Fossil Plant Collection
I am a paleobotanist who studies fossil plants, primarily from western North America that are closely related to modern plants of North America and often Asia. I study fossilized fruits, seeds, flowers and leaves and compares them with their modern relatives to learn how they have changed in their morphological features through time. More Information

Dakota Rowsey

Collection Manager - Vertebrate Collections
I am an evolutionary biologist interested in integrating molecular phylogenetic, morphological, and spatial data to answer questions about how organisms change and interact with each other over macroevolutionary timescales. My stewardship of the ASU Vertebrate Natural History Collections focuses on making these types of data - and beyond - accessible for current and future generations of students, researchers, and the public. More Information

Dale Snyder

Volunteer Collection Manager - Mollusk Collection

Laura Steger

Collection Manager - NEON Biorepository Environmental and Zoological Collections
I am an ecologist interested in the influence of land use, climate change, and invasive species on biodiversity and ecosystem function. I use approaches in spatial analysis, population genetics, and ecological stoichiometry to study both natural and man-made systems. More Information

Beckett Sterner

Associate Director - BioKIC
I am a philosopher of biology interested in data science, biodiversity, and evolutionary theory. I collaborate with a range of scientists to study different ideals for how mathematics and computation can advance biology. More Information

Jesse Taylor

Associate Curator - Bird Collection
I am an evolutionary biologist who uses a combination of stochastic modeling, statistical analysis and genetic sequence data to understand how populations and communities evolve in complex and changing environments. More Information

Nathan Upham

Assistant Professor
I am an integrative evolutionary mammalogist with interests in how the birth, death, or survival of individuals relates to the speciation, extinction, or persistence of lineages we observe over thousands and millions of years. I use genomic, fossil, phylogenetic, and ecological approaches to study the biodiversity of wild mammals across the tree of life. I do fieldwork primarily in arid regions of North and South America, as well as in the Caribbean Archipelago. More Information

Kelsey Yule

Project Manager - NEON Biorepository
I am an evolutionary ecologist who studies how biotic and abiotic factors interactively shape populations using field studies, population genomics, mathematical and statistical models, and biocollections data. More Information